How to Weave in Ends with Filet Crochet

Something that has always annoyed me was trying to weave ends in with openwork. If you just try it the normal way the ends are pretty obvious since you have chain spaces in between and the yarn just sticking out there saying "here I am!" This is how I did it for my most recent pattern, in a way that doesn't show as much.

Its probably often frowned upon to weave more than one end in at a time but since weaving in ends is such a pain in the first place, I really don't care especially when there are color changes for every row. Typically I would have just carried the color along the wrong side of my work, but in this case I wanted my Color Wave Skirt to be able to grow in length a little bit.

So since there is a color change at every row, I went ahead and threaded my yarn needle with both colors that were right next to each other (I tend to make a soft knot when I change colors so nothing comes loose), and before there is a double crochet stitch to weave into, there is a gap from a ch-1 space, and since I was working into the ch-1 spaces there is an unworked double crochet stitch. Instead of skipping straight over to the next bottom loops of the dc to weave into, you're going to insert your needle into the loop from the lower unworked dc.

See where my horrible polish chipped finger is pointing? Continue as you normally would weaving the needle through the bottom loops of the stitches as well as the top loop that is showing from the stitches that weren't worked into.

I normally weave through about 4 or 5 stitches, so here it is through the bottom loops and the top unworked loops ending with the bottom loops of a stitch. Now pull it through.

Turn your needle over and skipping over that last loop you just pulled your ends through, weave it back through all the same loops. It should go through them with ease now.

Now pull it taut ( but not too tight or else it will feel like there is a knot there and it will bunch the stitches together) and snip of the ends.

No where near as noticeable is it?!

Just be sure to weave your ends in on the wrong side of your work.