Convertible Crochet

you dont really see too many convertible crocheted garments out there but I love the idea! This one isn't new ( scarf-shrug) but I couldn't resist making one!! Another example is this
A fab strapless summer dress, slide it down to your waist and you have a long skirt that is cool-weather worthy with warm leggings underneath. Being in unpredictable Texas weather can make it difficult to decide on what is weather-appropriate But a lot of my designs are great for layering which is why most of my garments are styled for summer. I have a love for lace and thread, so there are times I would much rather not acknowledge its getting cooler and don my summer-wear!
Had lots of network issues lately, but Im finally back online and this is my latest pattern and I should have a new one sometime tomorrow :)

Winterizing Crochet

Being from Texas, I've had little use for all those fabulous winter accessories that most get to show off. However, just days ago a cold front blew through all this miserable heat and while its far from cold enough to wear scarves and hats for functionality, it is finally that time when I can think of new quick designs and show them off on my very few outings. :) Right now I'm working on a cowl and hopefully my oddball skeins of yarn I've had no idea what to do with will be made useful finally! Of course the Texas girl in me wants to pretend its still hot and work on a summer dress in gorgeous thread. Aaah.....


If you're a crocheter, you know the terminology. "Unfinished Objects" In my case it should be "unfinished designs". Lord knows I have a collection of them. What can I say? Im a crochet flake! I have yarn ADD! Amazingly enough Im devoting myself to make my entire family jackets. If the stitch or color isn't constantly changing, I lose interest. Which is perhaps why I've only finished one blanket. On another note, my Gamer Jacket has gotten over 1300 downloads, and I am looking forward to seeing lots of final results!! I have two design requests which I am looking forward to tremendously. One is a sweater and another a gorgeous dress in thread. (my favorite thing to work with) So stay tuned and Happy Hooking!

Jacket Progress

I've been working diligently on this pattern and am typing it out as I work on my daughter's. So just a couple progress pictures so y'all can see how its made. I may post more as I work :)

Gamer Crochet

I really dont provide enough free patterns! ! But this is surprisingly simple and quick so as soon as I do A LOT of pattern grading I will be putting this up ;)
My gamer husband inspired me to make this! There are the neatest costumes in video games, and Assassins Creed seems to take the cake with me. Let's face it, people cant publicly appear in those tiny, skimpy clothes from those silly anime games. ( which I happen to love!) However my family will be decked out in Assassins Creed attire! As soon as it cools off in this texas heat I will be wearing this jacket every where!!

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Happy Hooking!

Ugh having photo issues!