Gamer Crochet

I really dont provide enough free patterns! ! But this is surprisingly simple and quick so as soon as I do A LOT of pattern grading I will be putting this up ;)
My gamer husband inspired me to make this! There are the neatest costumes in video games, and Assassins Creed seems to take the cake with me. Let's face it, people cant publicly appear in those tiny, skimpy clothes from those silly anime games. ( which I happen to love!) However my family will be decked out in Assassins Creed attire! As soon as it cools off in this texas heat I will be wearing this jacket every where!!

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Happy Hooking!

Ugh having photo issues!


Chantal said...

I HAVE to make this shirt... its not even a maybe! Lots of AC fans around my house! This is now on top of my list (just below the halloween costumes)

Brandi Isham said...

My husband wants one!! Lol very few things he gets excited about in my crochet world but it was fun to see him get excited about this!

mummaj said...

soo looking forward to this one ....awesome job Brandi you are amazing.

Brandi Isham said...

Thank you! I will be posting it in Ravelry, Craftsy and probably the yarn box so keep an eye out!