DIY Crochet Wall Art

This is a super easy project that would make a great Christmas gift! In this day and age you typically dont see many people with pretty little doilies laying on their coffee tables and as a mother of two little ones there is no safe place for one. Here I will show you a really simple and modern way to make some use of these beautiful works of art!

You don't have to be a crocheter to do this either! You can purchase doilies at craft shops or if you do crochet you can take your pick.

All you need:

A framed painter's canvas
Paint ( I used watercolors)
Craft glue (permanent is best that dries clear)

If you are going to crochet your own doily I recommend doing that as your first step so you know what size canvas you will need. Be Sure To Block it!

Here you can get creative with color(s) as your background. While I only used one color you can use as many as you like! As a gift you can personalize it to your recipient's favorite color.

All I did was mix up some watercolors and dipped a paper towel and wiped it across the canvas to cover the front and side edges. It DOES NOT have to be perfect. With the red one and teal doily I I didn't mix the paint perfectly so I picked up thick pieces of paint which showed up darker in some areas for a artsy look.

Let the paint dry completely.

Once the paint has dried, squirt some glue in the center of the canvas and with a foam paint brush distribute it gently across the canvas and as evenly as possible.

Take your doily and gently press it in the center of the canvas on top of the glue trying to make sure you get glue on every part of the doily and try not to get paint on the front of the doily. Even though the paint has dried the glue will most likely re-wet it and it may get on your fingers.

This was a learning process with me. The first one I did I tried painting the glue over the doily and let's just say the doily is no longer solid teal.

Let the glue dry and its ready to hang on a wall!

This isn't just for doilies either. I used a small 6x6 canvas and placed a snowflake on it for some fun holiday decor!

If you check out my Craftsy Craftlet over to the right, you will notice I have a love for crocheted lace and if you're like me you probably end up with lots of pretty little gauge swatches that you dont know what to do with. Well now you do! I haven't made use of them yet but I imagine it will make a pretty little piece of wall art so no bit of yarn gets left behind!

Happy Hooking Holidays!!


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Crochet for Good

So, I've been super busy lately! Im almost done with my husband's jacket and trying to get this skirt design finished. A friend of mine recently started this charity called Miles of Smiles visit and like their page here---> These two amazing ladies are driving around and helping out our fellow homeless. Not only are they giving them things they may need, but they are stopping to have conversations with them and learn about their stories when most people would just pass them by. Of course in this day and age that is what most of us do. They are currently trying to collect funds to buy Christmas presents, so of course I chimed in "I can make hats!" With all my oddball skeins of yarn that match nothing or I don't know what to do with, I finally have found some good use for them!! Once I have a pile of hats finished I will be putting up pictures and hopefully they will lift the spirits of those less fortunate than myself. I may be a stay-at-home-mom on a budget but I can definitely spend some time that God gives me to help someone with the gifts that I am supplied with! Please feel free to follow the page above and share and donate if you can, any way you can! GOD BLESS AND HAPPY HOOKING!!