Crochet for Good

So, I've been super busy lately! Im almost done with my husband's jacket and trying to get this skirt design finished. A friend of mine recently started this charity called Miles of Smiles visit and like their page here---> These two amazing ladies are driving around and helping out our fellow homeless. Not only are they giving them things they may need, but they are stopping to have conversations with them and learn about their stories when most people would just pass them by. Of course in this day and age that is what most of us do. They are currently trying to collect funds to buy Christmas presents, so of course I chimed in "I can make hats!" With all my oddball skeins of yarn that match nothing or I don't know what to do with, I finally have found some good use for them!! Once I have a pile of hats finished I will be putting up pictures and hopefully they will lift the spirits of those less fortunate than myself. I may be a stay-at-home-mom on a budget but I can definitely spend some time that God gives me to help someone with the gifts that I am supplied with! Please feel free to follow the page above and share and donate if you can, any way you can! GOD BLESS AND HAPPY HOOKING!!

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