I haven't been on here much lately but Ive been super busy! I have been trying to get as many hats made as I can to send to a friend who is running a charity for the homeless. Above is the link to the FREE pattern I quickly put together for the hats I'm making. Its very basic and easy, so perfect for a beginner.

This is the link to my friends blog, and she has the most heartwarming stories, not only is she giving to the Homeless, she is getting to know them and learn their stories.

Please check out her blog and/or Facebook Page!

I have many new crochet ideas stored up in my brain that I cannot wait to get the chance to execute them! I went yarn shopping yesterday (shamefully) and stood in the aisle staring at the colors thinking how much I love those blankets with the faded colors. So why not a skirt?! I contemplated for an eternity which colors to choose and finally piled 8 skeins of yarn into my cart ranging from black, dark grey, light grey, and white. I doubt it will be rippled so it doesn't look like im wearing my grandmothers blanket as a skirt, but I do have a fun idea for a stitch to use!

Well, Ive got to get back to my hats so Happy Hooking!!

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