The Scream

Amazing what you can do with yarn!!! I finally finished my art piece for the "Starry, Starry Night" event at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. It will be auctioned off to help raise funds for the arts center :) All I did was find a picture of Munch's "The Scream" (commonly mistaken for being a Van Gogh), roughly sketched it out on an 8x8 piece of paper and started crocheting! The piece I did last year was 6x6 and was mainly all in thread, this one actually has some worsted cotton, some light worsted acrylic and some size 3 and 10 cotton thread. It was slightly more challenging with more color changes than last year's, but I didn't weave in all the ends like I normally would have. It looked very lumpy and misshapen until I got it stretched out over the wooden canvas. I had many doubts that it would resemble the painting at all but once it was stretched out, pinned down and glued in place I was like "Hey, not too bad!"