Yarn ADD

So I have a terrible habit of starting a design, bragging about it and then never finishing! Either I get bored working with just one color or working the same stitch over and over and over again. Anyone else have this?? I'm officially coining the term Yarn ADD, in my case it would be Crochet ADD but im sure knitters have the same problem at times. These are all projects that I plan to finish eventually if I don't feel compelled to just completely frog it out of frustration, then hide the yarn in a dark place so that I don't have the reminder of my lack of will to finish something.

This is my most recent "go to time-out" project. I wanted to make my 3-yr-old lots of pretty little dresses to play in and my first thought was a tiered or a layered dress. Cute idea, right? Wellllll, the cotton yarn I chose to work made it way too heavy and thick and frumpy. So I frogged it once and tried it again, and still too frumpy! Im thinking I will just frog the layers and make the skirt in just one layer. I will revisit the tiered dress with a much lighter yarn later.

Number Two on the list is my thread dress! Now this isn't an angry UFO that I put aside but I sort of got a designer's block. As with most of my thread projects they take quite a long time and using Size 10 thread tends to rough on my fingers. This is something I will be revisiting very soon given that I can stay focused on it! Cotton thread is my absolute favorite thing to work with, but I do have a problem of creating something that I can't wear! I always make garments to fit me but unless I feel like getting dressed up in high-heels to go grocery shopping with toddlers its really kind of useless to me. I may just do that anyway!

Number Three has been in time out for months!! This was my plan for a long winter skirt that actually had stitches tight and thick enough that wouldn't be much need for a slip underneath. I got really bored with the same dc, dc, dc, dc over and over with the occasional post stitches. Not only that but with the stitches rotating around I was getting confused as to how I was going to do the pattern grading. It may be something I will have to frog up to the waistband and make it more suitable for spring or summer.

So in honor of my inability to finish anything that just doesn't peak my interest anymore I am creating a ADD blanket! My goal is to make every round different in color and stitch! It may be a while before its finished but it will absolutely be a huge pattern. Im only 18 rnds in and trying to decide what to do next. I may stop working in rounds and do something different and crazy!! This is definitely something I would like to put into a CAL once I'm finished with it!

Check out my patterns page for free ones ( my collection is small but growing!) and visit my page High Strung Designs for a future CAL I will be hosting! It will be a trial run so the first one or two will be from free patterns but if those are successful I will be using other patterns from my shops! I plan on giving away a gift for whoever does the best recreation of my designs!!